UC Cybersecurity Awareness Month graphic

Hosted by UCSF

Panel Members

Nicholas Borton, Chief Information Security Officer, UCD Health

Jiatyan Chen, Online Accessibility Program Manager, Stanford

Lucy Greco, Web Accessibility Evangelist, UCB

Scott Hollier, CEO & Co-founder Centre for Accessibility, Australia

Yue-Ting Siu, TVI PHD, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments, SFSU

Diane Tyo, IT Operational Continuity Analyst, UCLA Health


Cecile Puretz, Assistant Director of Disability Access & Inclusion, UCSF


Does cybersecurity make IT less accessible for people with disabilities? Does accessibility make IT less secure? Or can there be a way for both to work together to make technology in the UC system more accessible AND more secure? In this conversation-starting webinar, panelists from both groups will talk about ways in which collaboration between accessibility and cybersecurity can and should happen, and why both need to be taken into account when planning, developing, buying, and/or implementing new technologies.

Accessibility and Cybersecurity are both important considerations, particularly in inclusive yet cyber-vulnerable environments like those in the University of California system. Typically, conversations on these two topics are completely separate, but today we're bringing them together in a panel discussion to increase understanding and awareness of both sets of needs. With some effort and collaboration, it's possible to make technology both more accessible and more secure.