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  • October 28, 2021
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New Email Fraud Protection

Effective October 27, we have implemented new email fraud protection protocols on our Mednet domains. Most legitimate organizations and corporations use some form of email security protocols that is approved by our new email fraud protection protocols and will not be impacted.

October is CSAM

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

In this past year, as you may be aware, on top of so much of our work/personal lives moving online we also saw an increase in targeted cyber attacks focused on health systems which has put us in a constant state of heightened alert.

Suspicious solicitations for new bank accounts

UC has learned that names, Social Security numbers and other personal information of some members of the UC community may have been used in attempts to open unauthorized bank accounts at financial institutions such as Chime and Go2Bank.

Learn how to spot impersonation emails

Cyber criminals have gotten increasingly savvy at creating emails that look legitimate. In some cases, rather than using malicious URLs or attachments, an attacker will use social engineering and personalization to trick you into transferring money or sharing sensitive data. For more information on how you can stay safe online, view our Guide to Cybersecurity.

IT Updates - September 2021

Here is the latest edition of IT updates for an overview on what’s available and what’s to come.

New features in Zoom

Zoom for UCLA Health has new features enabled to make your meetings and webinars more accessible!

  • September 17, 2021
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Install Apple security updates

Apple has recently released security updates to protect against a major security vulnerability found within their iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices. In order to protect the integrity of the UCLA Health computing environment, you are required to install the latest updates on your Apple device.

IT Updates - August 2021

Here is the latest edition of IT updates for an overview on what’s available and what’s to come.

Unified Communications

In order to best support you, our community of users, we are excited to share that we have initiated phase 1 of our Unified Communications Program to implement impactful changes in how we communicate via voice, messaging, and paging.

August 17 - 19: iPhones with the Vocera Vina application, a new communication platform, will replace Zebra TC51 phones in nursing units at SMUCLA.

  • August 03, 2021
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Data Week highlights UCLA Health's data analytics and research compute capabilities and showcases new offerings and exciting projects and initiatives. Expand the dates below for links to the presentations and slide decks. 

“The value of data cannot be overstated. It is the modern currency of the world.”

– Dr. John C. Mazziotta

Data Week 2021 Presentations and Slide Decks

Click on the date to explore Data Week topics, presentations and slide decks. 

IT Updates - June 2021

Here is the latest edition of IT updates for an overview on what’s available and what’s to come.


Security Initiatives

Due to recent increases in cybersecurity attacks on healthcare and our heightened level of alert, please be aware we are expediting a handful of security initiatives that our teams have been working towards to safeguard our systems.

  • June 21, 2021
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IT Updates - May 2021

Here is the latest edition of IT updates for an overview on what’s available and what’s to come.

Don't forget to cancel your physical pager!

At UCLA for over 50 years, Dr. Ulrich Batzdorf has been using a physical pager for 30+ years. After successfully transitioning from a pager to Spok mobile, he has found that he is happy with Spok and the Do Not Disturb (DND) override feature!

Move to Spok Mobile →

  • June 21, 2021
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Expanding DGIT’s support to the schools of Dentistry and Nursing

A few years ago, we began transitioning IT services and support for the UCLA School of Dentistry and the UCLA School of Nursing to DGIT. This change would allow us to provide the benefits of a large IT organization, including 24/7, 365 days/year support, and access to secure, HIPAA-compliant services such as UCLA Health’s instances of Box and email.

DGIT Support throughout COVID

Last year, our community was urged to move all work from our on-site offices to completely remote within a few days. While, fortunately, our teams within DGIT and ISS had the tools available to facilitate remote work, we had to quickly make sure everyone could have the same access.

Introducing Client Service Pods

Part of our goals with DGIT 2.0 is to create a greater focus on client experience and determine what’s working and what can be improved. With that in mind, we will be restructuring our current support model and shift to a “pod” support system.

Message from George - Summer 2021

Hello everyone,

What a year this has been since joining as the Associate Dean of Computing and Deputy Chief Information Officer for DGIT last April. My previous roles include: Senior Director of Research, Teaching and Learning Services in IT and Chief Academic Technology Officer at Dartmouth College, Divisional CIO for the Weld Hill Research Center and Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, and Research CIO for Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research.

IT News - April 2021

Here is the latest edition of IT updates for an overview on what’s available and what’s to come.

  • April 02, 2021
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IT Updates - March 2021

Here is the latest edition of IT updates for an overview on what’s available and what’s to come.

Update your Contact Information

When you submit a self-service support ticket, our teams rely on the contact information within ServiceNow to follow-up with you regarding your request. If the phone number or location is not up to date, our teams can have trouble contacting you and will resort to sending you an email. We understand that this may not be the best option when you are having issues logging into your device. Follow the steps below to update your contact information:

  • February 26, 2021
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Voicemail Migration

On March 1, 2021, all VoIP phones using the UCLA campus IT hosted voicemail system will be migrated to our UCLA Health IT voicemail system. This change will impact VoIP phones in RRUCLA, SMUCLA, and Medical Plaza Building. The transition to our locally hosted voicemail system will allow us to consolidate services and improve support to our organization

  • February 25, 2021
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macOS Big Sur Compatibility Issues with UCLA Health Tools

We are excited to announce that the UCLA Health IT teams have confirmed compatibility with commonly used applications and the Big Sur macOS. Please make sure to update the applications listed below to upgrade to Big Sur. If you are interested in upgrading your IT-managed device, please make sure to contact Customer Care with your computer name.


Make sure you are running the latest versions of Global Protect VPN (v5.2.7) and OnGuard (v6.8.9). If you have not updated the applications, please do so by clicking the links below prior to upgrading to Big Sur. 

  • February 11, 2021
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IT Updates - February 2021

Here is the latest edition of IT updates for an overview on what’s available and what’s to come.

New Technology in Meeting Spaces

UCLA Health IT has implemented a new technology set up for meeting spaces to create a consistent experience for all meetings and events. To help streamline the setup of your meetings, computers in these spaces will automatically log in and the most commonly used applications will be conveniently pinned and available on the desktop. The applications you most commonly use will be pinned to the desktop for your convenience. 

  • February 05, 2021
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