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In 2023, UCLA Health IT achieved a major milestone in improving the new hire onboarding and access experience by automating key processes and approve department authorizer forms.

With over 34,000 catalog forms submitted in the prior year, the decision to automate these forms was driven by the desire for a more efficient process, reduction of human error, reduction of turnaround times, cost efficiency, and reduction of staffing hours to process forms. The results were transformative, with a notable reduction in the time required to handle access-related tasks, which includes:

  • Reclaimed staff time to concentrate on more impactful projects.
  • Automation reduced turnaround times on average of 30% to 90% on Catalog forms.
  • Creation of an AD/Email account was reduced 80% from 3.75 days to 0.75 days.
  • Change access for an existing user was reduced 54% from 3 days to 1.38 days.
  • Simplified user onboarding experience with interactive forms on the IT Portal.

Although select forms require some manual processes, especially for more difficult or specialized requests; two frequently used forms transitioned to 99% and 79% automation. The number of tickets for December 2023 increased by 176% compared to 2022; however, tickets in 2023 were completed at a rate 9 times quicker on average than 2022.

The transition to automation not only streamlined processes but also positively impacted the onboarding experience for new hires who needed access on their first day at UCLA Health. The success of automating several department authorizer forms sets the framework for the future as our Provisioning, ServiceNow, ID Management, Customer Care, and other UCLA Health IT teams strive to make innovative changes. To stay up-to-date about the latest changes to Authorizer Forms, visit the Department Authorizers page.