Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop is a secured and compliant environment that provides access to UCLA’s healthcare data and analytical tools. In this environment one can ingest, store, access and analyze all forms of healthcare data. A user is often asked to work on a virtual desktop when they are accessing and manipulating confidential healthcare data, which they cannot store or access on their laptops/desktops.

The Office of Health Informatics (OHIA) currently offers access to 6 different types of Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs) based on the role of an individual in UCLA Health. 

VDI Image for website
  1. xDR CX7 Desktop: Used by Self-Service Centers of Excellence Developers
  2. Tableau Desktop: Used by Self-Service Centers of Excellence Tableau Developers
  3. OHIA xDR VDI Desktop: Used by OHIA Developers and other particular use cases
  4. OHIA Report Dev Desktop: Used by OHIA Business Intelligence Developers
  5. OHIA App Dev Desktop: Used by OHIA Developers
  6. OHIA Power BI VDI: Used by OHIA Power BI Developers

An individual’s specific data and application requirements will determine which VDI they would get access to.

Please be aware that in order to protect the privacy and security of healthcare data, certain activities will be strictly regulated on virtual desktops:

  1. Access to the internet is not allowed, unless a specific website is whitelisted by OHIA
  2. Transfer of data in and out of a virtual desktop has to take place via OHIA specified tools
  3. Ability to collaborate via messaging software such as Skype or Teams is not available
  4. Users shall not have admin access to the virtual desktops
  5. Users shall not have the ability to install software on virtual desktops. They must request OHIA staff to do install software.

VDI Access

Users are provisioned access to a particular VDI Desktop based on data and software needed as part of Compliance Access Request (CART).  Follow the CART request process on OHIA website to initiate a request.

VDI Documentation

Please click this link to download the:  VDI User Guide. This guide will provide instructions on how to setup certain key configurations for various software and applications. It will have instructions on how to use the File Transfer feature.

Requests for new software

If you would like new software to be installed on a particular VDI, please send an email to the Self Service Analytics team at In this email please provide the following:

  1. Name of the VDI
  2. How and where we can procure this software
  3. Installation instructions for this software if you happen to have any

Reporting VDI Issues

If you are facing any of the VDI issues mentioned below, please send an email to the Self Service Analytics team at

  1. Not able to launch a VDI from your laptops/desktops
  2. Login trouble
  3. Slowness of applications in the VDI environment
  4. Stability and consistent availability of the VDI environment
  5. Unable to launch application within the VDI environment

In this email please provide the following:

  1. Name of the VDI
  2. Brief description of the issue
  3. First time and date of occurrence of the issue
  4. How often it has been occurring
  5. Screenshots of the error message you see when you encounter this issue