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As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a secure environment, we are installing monthly security software updates on all DGIT-managed Windows computers, including computers in clinical spaces and research labs connecting to the UCLA Health network. Please note that computers identified by DGIT and the research community as sensitive-to-patching will not be affected.

Your computer will automatically restart between 11:00 pm on Friday, August 4 and 4:00 am on Monday, August 7 depending on when the updates are installed. Before you leave for the day, save your work, log out, but ensure that your computer is turned on. Also, please do not run any critical processes after 11:00 pm on Friday, August 4.


How do I manually install the updates?

Manual Installation to Continue Work on Weekends:

The updates will be available for installation at an earlier time to allow you to control when your computer restarts. If you do not want your computer to automatically restart, you can install the updates manually beginning on Friday, July 28 at 11:00 p.m. until Friday, August 4 at 11:00 p.m. when the automatic restart window begins.

To install the updates manually:

  1. Open Software Center from the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click on Updates and select Install All. The pending updates will begin installing in the background. You do not need to keep the window open.
  3. When the updates complete installing, you will get a notification to restart your computer. Select OK to restart immediately or select Snooze and select a time for your computer to remind you to restart.


Why are updates important?

To protect our assets from breaches, the Security Services group monitors and identifies new vulnerabilities that are created daily which can then be used to exfiltrate our data. Once we understand what can be done to mitigate these risks, DGIT identifies the various operating system and third party changes, patches or updates needed to reduce our cyber-risk.


What if I am working remotely?

If you are working remotely, the updates will install on your DGIT-managed device as soon you reconnect to VPN after the automatic installation window. To avoid having to restart your device upon your return, we recommend installing the updates manually (instructions above). Please continue to update your devices as you work remotely to protect our computing environment.


What about my Mac device?

Make sure to install your updates regularly from the App Store. All DGIT-managed Apple computers will receive our security updates through the App Store.



If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Customer Care at (310) 267-CARE,  email, or stop by IT Connect for support.