Sean Stanley

  • June 29, 2020
Sean Stanley

Technical specialist / knight-errant / vice-admiral of trivia


Title: Technical Specialist 

Team: Audiovisual 

Raison d'être: To enlighten and delight.


Hi, I'm Sean…

On paper, I’m a Programmer Analyst II. In reality, I’m an audiovisual tech, aka a “grown man with a large rolling backpack”. I joined the AV club in high school and never left. But at least I smell nice and hey, don’t knock the Proton Pack. I can live and work comfortably out of it for three days.

When not fixing problems, I’m an internal project manager of sorts, assisting where I can with various special tasks and installations. I help Justin and Curtis develop workflows, figure out new software, update materials and documentation, and make myself generally available for training and troubleshooting.

People may know me because I run Zoom and some other stuff, but more likely because I serve as the FGIT vice-admiral of trivia and crock pot power cord procurement.


Insider secrets…

  • Favorite IT joke? The Game. Which isn’t really an IT joke, per se. But everyone reading this just lost.
  • Tried-and-true IT tip? Humans over thirteen should be able to touch-type. Also, go to an optometrist once a year. 


When I'm at work…

I’m usually a sublimely positioned cog in the nascent human hive mind machine, a living and motile node, part lifeguard, part anointed knight-errant, ensuring the unobscured, unadulterated flow of precious knowledge toward our collective event horizon. Or getting pizza.




Q: What’s the strangest/funniest IT issue you’ve ever handled? 

  • A: COVID19. Onboarding several thousand people for telework in less than a week was a hoot. Still is.


Q: What’s your team’s superpower?

  • A: We quietly make sure all of you look and sound your best. Ignore us at your peril. We are the secret endocrine messengers, part of the nervous system but also signaling through and across and between networks. Audiovisual is the last, last-mile in many ways. We are the lighthouse keepers; our work straddles both the physical and knowledge realms, the brackish water between computer science and showbiz, where the same technology that powers mall signs and movie theaters is employed towards arguably nobler goals. Matters of life and death are decided, unimaginable sums of money are directed, and the outcomes of an academic hospital system with over thirty thousand patients each year are worked out in the spaces we manage, on the systems we build. When we’ve done our job, nobody notices. But should something go wrong, we’re often the first ones there, arriving with alacrity and professional calm.


Q: How do you describe your teammates? (We won’t tell them what you say.)

  • A: Consummate professionals. Don’t mess with AV.


Q: Last but certainly not least: coffee or tea? 

  • A: Does it matter, so long as those sweet, sweet methylxanthines hit the bloodstream in a timely fashion? I am, as H.L. Mencken would say, “Ombibilous”, water mostly, iced Earl Grey at 4AM, iced coffee late mornings sometimes with friends (back when that was a thing), more for companionship than the drink itself. I dig the Japanese Chemex method for Iced Coffee, loathe cold brew, love a good espresso. For hot tea, my all time fave is “Chinese Restaurant Tea”, which, you guessed it, tastes like the tea you get gratis at any decent Chinese spot, a combo of Jasmine and Oolong.