Eileen Chiao

  • July 24, 2020
Eileen Chiao

Communications specialist / learning enthusiast / tea aficionado 


Title: Communications Specialist

Team: Strategic Communications


Hi, I'm Eileen…

As the Communications Specialist, I work on various digital communication and marketing projects for UCLA Health IT in supporting anything from CareConnect Upgrade, software or hardware downtimes, website updates, email communications, training for Microsoft Teams, creating Qualtrics surveys, and anything and all things related to communications (really it can be anything).  


Insider secrets…

  • Tried-and-true IT tip? Google how to resolve your IT issue before asking someone for help. 90% of the time there is a video or website providing a solution. If you still fail after trying it on your own, ask for support.


When I'm at work…

I’m usually creating communication documents, designing graphics, updating websites, or supporting the all UCLA Health IT.




Q: What’s your team’s superpower?

  • A: Supportiveness! (See below.) 


Q: How do you describe your teammates? (We won’t tell them what you say.)

  • A: Very supportive group of people, who truly know the meaning of teamwork. When you need to ask a quick question or troubleshoot something there is always someone available to help. If we don’t know the answer, we always work together to find the solution.


Q: What’s your professional tagline?

  • A: Always keep learning from others and progressively grow your skills.


Q: Last but certainly not least: coffee or tea? 

  • A: Tea