Centers Of Excellence

CoE logoA Center of Excellence, or CoE, is a team of individuals from one or more departments who share common analytical goals and needs. OHIA will provide CoEs with self-service analytics tools to explore their data, create insights, and deliver outcomes to key stakeholders. Once you've become an approved CoE or member of a CoE, you will then be able to access self-service tools such as Tableau and WebI.  

CoE Onboarding

CoE Onboarding

Step 1
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Self-Service Orientation
The Self Service Orientation video will introduce the Self-Service and Center of Excellence (CoE) program for data analytics at UCLA Health. It will also guide you through the onboarding process to become a Center of Excellence. 

Click here to download the PDF version of the information outlined in this video!

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Self-Service Assessment
The Self-Service Assessment will help OHIA understand the current state of your analytic needs, and your key initatives. We will decide if your needs align with another CoE, or if you qualify for a new CoE. We will recommend a self-service tool(s) to help achieve your goals. 

Click here to download the Self-Service Assessment

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CoE Approval and Setup
Send the completed Self-Service Assessment to We will review this assessment internally, and request approval from your aligned Prioritization Committee. If approved, we will inform you and let you know the next steps to enable you with the recommended tool.  

Post-CoE Onboarding Questions?

If you have any questions regarding self-service requests and/or CoE membership modifications, please contact .