Security team

Safeguarding data to support important work

We work in collaboration with Information Services and Solutions (ISS) to maintain the highest level of IT security. Our technology and expertise keep data secure and systems and networks operational.

Adhering to industry standards, university-wide policies, and government regulations, we work proactively to avoid breaches by reducing the risk of compromise to institutional data, systems, and networks. Our team also has the training and agility to contain and remedy security incidents that breach our defenses.

Please contact us if you need HIPAA and NIST guidance, audit assistance, security consulting, or general guidance and consulting.

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“We pride ourselves on our ability to use proactive technologies and best practices to ensure a user-friendly, safe, and secure computing environment."



Edgar Tijerino

Chief Information Security Officer

Jim Collins

Sr. Cybersecurity Operations Manager

Gustavo Flores

Cybersecurity Analyst


Cybersecurity Incident Engineer

Alex Hoang

Cybersecurity Engineer


Cybersecurity Architect


Cybersecurity Operations Manager

Sylvia Lomboy

IT Security Program Manager


Cybersecurity Engineer

Mohan Ramalingam

Cybersecurity Architecture Manager

Joe Rivera

Lead Cybersecurity Analyst

Michael Rudd

Cybersecurity Engineer

Prashant Sainju

Cybersecurity Engineer

Michael Taggart

Cybersecurity Analyst

Sonia Vaswani

Audit Analyst



Team structure

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