Onboarding for researchers

Resources for UCLA HS Researchers

Welcome to the UCLA health science community. Here's what to expect in your first few months. 

  1. Meet your Business Relationship Manager (BRM)
  2. We'll discuss your lab's technology requirements and identify secure solutions
  3. We'll introduce you to your new tools
  4. We'll meet in-person once you arrive


See full information for all of these below:

Meet your Business Relationship Manager (BRM)


Our business relationship managers (BRMs) serve as the IT liaisons for each department within the UCLA Health Sciences community. Your department's BRM will reach out to introduce themselves and connect you to the right teams within our organization to facilitate your onboarding. Meet your BRM now →

Define your lab's technology requirements and identify secure solutions


Your BRM will assign the appropriate team to capture the device requirements for you, your lab members, and your new lab. This will include the devices, and accompanying software needed to perform your specific type of research, as well as the more general devices such as laptops, monitors, and phones. In addition, we will identify and address any other technology needs you may have to perform your research, such as storage and high-performance computing.

We work closely with the Office of the Vice Dean for Research and Research Safety to help you coordinate lab set-up.

To find your liaison please reach out to SOMSafety@mednet.ucla.edu. Research Safety will work with your department and campus partners to meet your research goals.

Learn about your new tools


You have a variety of services at your disposal for day-to-day work management. You can always discuss this in-depth with your BRM if you have any questions. Learn about the tools available to you →

Meet us in-person once you arrive


Once you arrive, we'll coordinate to meet in person. We can walk you through any technology solutions we've installed, and help to ideate on future projects that you have planned. Your BRM is your liaison to the IT department.




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