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Below, you’ll find answers and how-tos that address the most common IT questions our customer care team receives. 

If we haven’t addressed what you need here, then please explore our support offerings or simply call 310-267-CARE (we answer phones 24/7).

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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I connect to the internet? 


Option 1: Connect to one of these wireless networks

    • Anyone may connect to our guest WiFi, MEDGUEST.
    • How do I connect?
    • Select MEDGUEST from your list of network options 
    • Visit the login page to accept the terms and conditions
  • UCLAHealthSecure
    • Reserved for students, faculty, and staff within UCLA Health Sciences, UCLAHealthSecure requires a Mednet username and permits users to access nearly anything available over a wired connection. 
    • How do I connect?
    • Open your list of WiFi networks
    • Select “UCLAHealthSecure” 
    • Log in using your Mednet username
  • Eduroam
    • Through Eduroam students, faculty, and staff may use their UCLA credentials to access the internet at participating universities around the globe. 
    • How do I connect?
    • While visiting a participating institution, open your list of WiFi networks
    • Select “eduroam” 
    • Log in using your Mednet username
Option 2: Enjoy a wired connection. 
  • Most workstations have everything you need to establish a wired connection. 
  • Please submit a service request ticket if you need additional equipment or require help connecting 
How do I access my Mednet email? 


You may use Office 365 to access your Mednet email from any location.  

How do I create a Mednet username? 


Your department authorizer will provide your Mednet username and temporary password. 

If you don’t know your Mednet username, then simply ask the person who helped you access your email.

Submit a service request ticket if you need further assistance. 

How can I check on a service request? 


There are a few different ways to find the status of your request.

  • Check Online 
  • Search Your Email Inbox 
  • Call Customer Care at (310) 267-CARE
How can I make a purchase request? 


You can use the UCLA Health Procurement Portal to submit requests.







Which departments can access the procurement portal?


  • The below departments have access to the procurement portal. If your department is on the list, then you may log in and begin using the portal. 
  • Unlisted departments that are interested in the portal may create a service request ticket to get in touch with the software development unit of DGIT.  
    • Biological Chemistry
    • Biomathematics
    • Human Genetics
    • Institute for Genomics and Proteomics
    • Pharmacology
    • Physiology
    • DGSOM Dean's Office
    • Graduate Programs in Bioscience
    • Neurobiology
    • Radiology (Access coming soon.)


How do I change my Mednet password? 


  • You can easily change your Mednet password online.  
  • Please contact Customer Care if you need help changing your password. 
    • Customer Care: 310-267-CARE (2273)
    • Before calling, please be prepared to verify your identity by providing one of the following:
      • Your Secret Word
      • A selfie picture that contains you and your UCLA ID badge or another government picture ID
      • Your UCLA Health-enrolled Duo device (requires that push notifications are enabled)
      • Your UCLA Health pager number


How do I keep my data secure?


  • The UCLA Health IT security team works behind the scenes to detect, safeguard against, and eliminate threats so you can enjoy uninterrupted work without worrying about a thing.
  • You can contribute to the mission of data security by making sure you’re following security requirements. 




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