Poll Everywhere


What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a web-based audience response system (ARS) that allows participants to respond to polls and surveys using their own internet-enabled devices (phones, laptops, and tablets).

Poll Everywhere is DGSOM's primary polling/audience response tool and it has been used in a variety of presentation situations (e.g., lectures, labs, conferences).

Access type:

  • On-Demand; App download
  • Fully subsidized by DGIT
  • Self-Service

Download the app

Responding to questions/polls

During class, an instructor will display a Poll Everywhere activity on-screen.

The visualization will display a web address that looks like PollEv.com/dgsomB1.

From your phone, laptop, or tablet you'll enter the web address and be taken to a screen that allows you to respond to the activity.

Responding via the mobile app (optional)

Registering an account

Most polls may not require a registered account to participate. However, some instructors may require that you participate using a registered account so they can evaluate your responses during and after class.

Create a new account:

Download the Poll Everywhere plug-in for PowerPoint

Integrate a poll directly in your PowerPoint slides for an easy way to get audience responses.

  • Download Poll Everywhere PowerPoint plug-in for Mac or Windows.
  • Open the slides you'd like to insert a poll to. Within the Poll Everywhere application, find the poll you'd like to add and select "Insert Slides".
  • When presenting, be sure to ask your audience to submit their responses at the link provided in your poll.

Try our Sample Survey

Once you’ve created your account, go to this sample survey to test out your account:





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