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How can I benefit from teaching technology?

Our tools and resources can streamline and enhance your teaching—from curriculum delivery to data analysis visioning.

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Educational technology team

Enhancing teaching and learning

We collaborate with the educator community to create instructional technology that enhances teaching and learning.

Our courseware and classroom technologies enhance curriculum delivery, adding value to both teaching faculty and students. Our evaluation and assessment tools enable our school to benefit from the convenience of digital classrooms without sacrificing information security or learning integrity.

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What do you offer?


Our technologies include, but are not limited to:

Curriculum delivery resources


Classroom technologies Clinical logging Courseware Content delivery Curriculum management Multimedia content creation


Data Stewardship Technology


Reporting and analytics Business intelligence Compliance dashboards Decision support

Business and Administration Support


Admissions Learner support Regulatory reporting/accreditation Scheduling Student information system
  • Evaluation tools
  • Curriculum evaluation tools
  • Learner portfolios
  • Computer-based exams

Evaluation and assessment tools


Learner assessments