Also appears as Applications hosting, Database hosting, and Website hosting

How can I benefit from hosting?

Anyone using databases, websites, or applications designed for the Software Development Team can also enjoy hosting via our hand-selected secure environments at the San Diego Super Computing Center and in the service cloud supplied by Amazon Web Services.

We host, support, and maintain your technology for years, so you can enjoy its full range of functionality without worrying about a thing.

Access type:

  • Staff provided
  • On request
  • Fee-based, dependent on group needs


Ask a question: 310-267-CARE

All you need to do is ask
We would love to connect with you to build out a solution to fit your needs. Simply submit a service request, and our expert team will be in touch to figure out the next steps.

Infrastructure team 

Behind the scenes support

We maintain an information technology backbone that supports our school’s day-to-day operations.

We manage hardware and software behind the scenes. We connect systems, servers, and devices. We manage networks and provide the hosting necessary to keep websites, databases, and other technologies running as efficiently as possible.

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Service frequently asked questions

Why do I need hosting?


Your database, website, or application needs an online place to “live” to be functional and accessible; that’s what hosting provides. Because the internet is cluttered with countless third-party hosting sites, we offer our own hosting services to the UCLA community. We help you avoid the headaches of selecting a provider, ensuring your project finds a safe, secure, and reliable online home.

How are your hosting services unique?


We provide hosting services that directly align with researchers’ unique needs, including storing large amounts of sensitive and important data. Using our hosting capabilities ensures a streamlined process for your project, cutting out hours of time spent vetting third-party services.