Servers and hosting


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

DGIT's AWS self-service portal offers preconfigured services with more to come in the future.

  • Deploy services on-demand
  • Services are preconfigured with HIPAA-compliance in mind

Data storage

Find the best data storage solutions for your particular needs. 

  • Enjoy expert guidance 
  • Choose from flexible options

Enterprise storage

Access next-generation server, storage, virtualization, backup, and security services.

  • Enhanced security 
  • Standardization 
  • Cost efficiency 


Host your database, website, or application in our hand-selected secure environments at the San Diego Super Computing Center and in the service cloud supplied by Amazon Web Services.

  • Streamline hosting selection with our recommendations 
  • Get expert support and maintenance 

Server management

Get infrastructure, support, and system administration on virtual servers that host applications, websites, and databases. 

  • Accelerate computing tasks 

System backup and recovery

Request backup and recovery services if your critical data is accidentally deleted, overwritten, or lost.

  • Recover data at no cost 
  • Return to nearly any point in time and retrieve your data


Transfer PHI and RI data via a streamlined manage file transfer solution.

  • Batch server-to-server file transfers
  • Person-to-Person file collaboration via Secure Mail

Why is enterprise storage necessary?

Datacenter support has historically been managed at the department level. That service model created challenges. Centralizing infrastructure and administration enables DGIT to leverage economy of scale to deliver enterprise-class technology, while standardized systems and processes will improve security, reliability, and response.


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