Consultation and setup (network)

Also appears as Wired and wireless consultation

How can I benefit from a wired or wireless consultation?

DGIT’s wired and wireless consultation service is perfect for teams that need to set up new workspaces. Our engineers are here to get your space wired for devices, including phones, computers, and printers.

Access type:

  • Staff provided
  • On request
  • Fully subsidized - We offer wired and wireless consultations to the UCLA Health Sciences community. Please note - the physical cables and installation services do carry a charge, which will depend on your space and needs.


Ask a question: 310-267-CARE

All you need to do is ask
To start your consultation, our Network Services Team will ask preliminary questions about your space and your connectivity needs.
Then we take charge to set up your space, so when your team arrives, they’ll be ready to do their best work.

Network team 

Connecting people and networks

Our team helps you work securely, without interruption, every day.

We power the secure network you join when you connect to one of UCLA Health’s internet options or to a network printer.

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Service frequently asked questions

Can I wire my space myself?


We do not recommend wiring space yourself. Taking advantage of our consulting services ensures you’re using standardized and secure devices that help mitigate the risk of a system shutdown. Sometimes, one compromised or faulty device is all it takes to damage an entire system.