Also appears as DNS requests, MEDGUEST, and MEDWIFI

What is network connectivity?

Seamless network connectivity is crucial to the work of faculty, staff, and students of the UCLA Health Sciences. Our Network Services Team provides and maintains what you need to get—and stay—securely connected to our network and devices.

We support all functions related to inter-building and internet connectivity, and we offer the support you need to get back online when things go wrong.

Access type:

  • Staff provided
  • On request
  • Fully subsidized


Ask a question: 310-267-CARE

Choose a connectivity option and follow the instructions below:
Wired access: How do I connect? An official from your department will wire your workstation on or before your first day of work.
Wireless access:
    • Anyone may connect to our guest WiFi, MEDGUEST, without login credentials.
    • How do I connect?
      • Select MEDGUEST from your list of network options and visit the login page to accept the terms and conditions.
  • UCLAHealthSecure
    • Reserved for students, faculty, and staff within UCLA Health Sciences, UCLAHealthSecure requires Active Directory (AD) login credentials and permits users to access nearly anything available over a wired connection.
    • How do I connect?
      • Open your list of WiFi networks and select “UCLAHealthSecure.”
      • Then you may log in using your Mednet AD credentials.
  • Eduroam
    • Through Eduroam, students, faculty, and staff may use their UCLA credentials to access the internet at participating universities around the globe.
    • For more information, please visit
    • How do I connect?
      • While visiting a participating institution, open your list of WiFi networks and select “eduroam.”
      • Then you may log in as you would at home.


Internet Protocol (IP) Requests:

How do I connect?

We can assist you with static address requests for specific devices so you can achieve a fixed connection. For example, if you want to connect to a network printer, then we can assign a permanent address on the network.

Domain Name System (DNS) Requests:

Domain Name System (DNS) converts names (e.g. to IP addresses (e.g. that are used by networked devices to locate other networked devices across the Internet.

How do I connect?

We can assist you with the following requests:

  • Public and Private DNS Zone creation and management
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  • DNS Records changes and updates


Network team

Connecting people and networks

Our team helps you work securely, without interruption, every day.

We power the secure network you join when you connect to one of UCLA Health’s internet options or to a network printer.

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