Virtual Private Network (VPN) access

Also appears as GlobalProtect VPN, Remote access, and SSL WebVPN


What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) access? 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) access enables faculty and staff to work remotely and use the internet to access UCLA Health information systems that are usually restricted to our internal network. 

Access type:

  • Staff provided
  • Fully subsidized


Ask a question: 310-267-CARE

Authorized users with an active Mednet account can connect remotely to Mednet systems and applications using Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

Examples of resources that require VPN include: 

  • CareConnect Tip Sheets and eLearnings 


To get started, see full instructions on Mednet.


Request access for VPN  VPN Installation Instructions 

Windows; 7, 8, 8.1, 10
macOS; X10.10 and later
Apple iOS; 10.0 and later
Android; 4.4 and later

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