Centralized logging and security monitoring

Also appears as Network security scanning, Security Information Monitoring (SIM)

What is centralized logging and security monitoring? 

Threats to our network security work around the clock, so we do as well.  

At any time, on any day of the week, our team is checking logs, running scans, and performing tests to ensure uninterrupted work and a safe network.  

We respond to dozens of potential security incidents a week. 



Because security is our top priority, anyone connected to our networks is protected by our monitoring efforts. 

if you require monitoring for your own server or need help setting up your own centralized logs, please submit a service request. 


Security team 

Safeguarding data to support important work

We work in collaboration with Information Services and Solutions (ISS) to maintain the highest level of IT security. Our technology and expertise keep data secure and systems and networks operational.

Adhering to industry standards, university-wide policies, and government regulations, we work proactively to avoid breaches by reducing the risk of compromise to institutional data, systems, and networks.

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Service frequently asked questions

Why do you conduct centralized logging and security monitoring?


Centralized logging and security monitoring provides a few key benefits: 

  • Improved analysis and response. When all data is sourced to a central log, our analysts are able to work more efficiently to detect and eliminate threats. 
  • Increased security.  We avoid keeping data scattered throughout the network to increase security in case individual devices are hacked.  
  • As long as the machine holding the central log is safe, hackers cannot access the data.