Antivirus protection

Also appears as Computer Virus protection, Sophos antivirus

What is antivirus protection? 

Our antivirus software keeps our sprawling network safe from risks associated with computer viruses, a type of malware that spreads quickly from computer to computer. These threats can infiltrate a system through seemingly harmless activities, such as downloading a PDF or clicking a link.


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Because security is our priority, we offer top-notch tools to UCLA Health Sciences faculty, staff, and students, free of charge. So if you’re using a school-issued computer, it should already be running antivirus software.

Security team 

Safeguarding data to support important work

We work in collaboration with Information Services and Solutions (ISS) to maintain the highest level of IT security. Our technology and expertise keep data secure and systems and networks operational.

Adhering to industry standards, university-wide policies, and government regulations, we work proactively to avoid breaches by reducing the risk of compromise to institutional data, systems, and networks.

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Service frequently asked questions

Do I need antivirus protection?


Yes! UCLA Policy 401, "Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices," requires it:

“Anti-malware software for any particular type of operating system must be running and up-to-date on every Device, including clients, file servers, and mail servers. Products other than offered by the campus may be used if comparable.”

How does antivirus software protect our system?


Antivirus software works as an immune system for your computer. Just as your immune system stops an infection from spreading in your body, antivirus software stops a computer infection from spreading through a system.

Our antivirus software, provided by Sophos, offers real-time protection by scanning our systems constantly. Plus, the tool automatically updates several times a day to ensure we catch new and evolving threats.

In short, our antivirus software serves as a 24/7 guardian for our system. This means you can work with shared files, emails, instant messages, and more while knowing that antivirus protection has you covered.

What does the software block? 


To stop viruses from spreading through email, the system blocks attachments that are: 

  • Both encrypted (i.e. password protected) and compressed (e.g. ZIP)
  • End with EXE
  • End with CMD
  • End with COM
  • End with BAT
  • End with VBS
  • End with SCR
  • End with SHS
  • End with PIF
  • End with CPL
  • End with HTA