System security

Advanced malware protection (AMP)  

AMP continuously analyzes activity on computers and across the network in order to quickly block and quarantine harmful files. 

  • Adhere to security policies 
  • Enjoy central management from our expert team 

Antivirus protection

To protect our work and our network, our security team provides layers of defense, including traditional antivirus protection.

  • Adhere to security policies 
  • Keep our sprawling network safe

Centralized Logging & Security Monitoring

Our team checks logs, runs scans, and performs tests to ensure uninterrupted work and a safe network. 

  • Enjoy staff-provided security monitoring 

Cybersecurity Incident Response Awareness

Learn how our team stays prepared to respond to incidents at any time. 

  • Get specialist guidance on suspected incidents 

Mobile device management

Our mobile device management service helps ensure devices meet important security requirements. 

  • Access Mednet applications from mobile devices
  • Enterprise solution: Intelligent Hub

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

Work remotely and access UCLA Health information systems over the internet. 

  • Work off-site while maintaining security 
  • Enterprise solution: GlobalProtect VPN

Spam Filtering & Targeted Attack Prevention

Our spam filtering system blocks messages identified as spam and provides users a list of quarantined messages.

  • Manage your spam filtering options 
  • Enterprise solution: Proofpoint


Targeted Attack Prevention

We block messages identified as spam and provide you a daily Quarantined Digest to help manage spam filtering. The end goal being safety and security your email communications. 


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