Device encryption

Also appears as Encryption: Workstation, Mobile Device & Removable Media; Workstation, Mobile Device & Removable Media; Media Encryption, Laptop Encryption

What is device encryption?

Device encryption protects our work by ensuring that data, even when intercepted, can never be used by anyone apart from our community.

Per HS Policy No. 9453-C,“All Workstations, Mobile Devices, and Removable Media used by any individual covered under this Policy for University Business must be encrypted and password protected. 

  • Workstation. This category refers to any kind of desktop computer.
  • Mobile Devices. This category includes all laptops, cell phones, smartphones, tablet computers, and PDAs.
  • Removable Media. This category includes USB drives, external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and magnetic tape.

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To have your device encrypted or verify your device's encryption status: 


Ask a question: 310-267-CARE


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Service frequently asked questions

What is encryption? 


Encryption keeps data safe by turning it into a code that cannot be decrypted or read without a key

Why does my device need to be encrypted?



Encryption keeps our data, including Personal Information and Protected Health Information, safe.

The Office of Compliance Services cites the following purpose for HS Policy No. 9453-C: “The purpose of this policy is to protect the confidentiality of University documents, proprietary University data, and individually identifiable information by requiring encryption and password protection of all types of Workstations, Mobile Devices, and Removable Media used for any University Business.”

Do I have to verify my device's encryption status?



While most devices issued by a UCLA Health Sciences IT Organization will already be encrypted, we still urge you to verify the encryption status of your machines.

This allows us to keep our documentation current, even as our policies change. We appreciate your help in maintaining a resilient computing environment!