Data loss prevention (DLP)

What is data loss prevention (DLP)?

UCLA Health Information Services & Solutions defines DLP as a security solution designed to: 

  • Analyze outbound network traffic for potential data loss/leak incidents
  • Prevent data breaches by detecting and blocking the transmission of sensitive data to unauthorized recipients

DLP helps guard against data breaches and accidental leaks of confidential information. 

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You don't have to do a thing to be protected. 
You may continue working as usual; you will receive a notification if any of your actions are blocked. If you wish to dispute a block, please create an incident ticket. 

Security team 

Safeguarding data to support important work

We work in collaboration with Information Services and Solutions (ISS) to maintain the highest level of IT security. Our technology and expertise keep data secure and systems and networks operational.

Adhering to industry standards, university-wide policies, and government regulations, we work proactively to avoid breaches by reducing the risk of compromise to institutional data, systems, and networks.

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Service frequently asked questions

How does DLP work? 


The DLP solution employs automated scanning to discover and prohibit the unsafe transmission of confidential information. The technology follows set parameters and monitors for the intentional and unintentional distribution of sensitive data. When the system detects a risky pattern, it blocks the action.