RFP submission and review system


How can I benefit from the RFP submission and review system?

The system, designed by our Software Development Team, enables the UCLA community of faculty, students, and staff to easily solicit, manage, and review submissions.

The application provides user-friendly mechanisms to manage the entire submission process, including collecting proposals, assigning evaluators, and reviewing submissions. The RFP tool even features an online scoring system that allows multiple stakeholders to submit evaluations.

  • Access type:
    • On Request
    • Staff-Provided
    • Fee-based, dependent on group needs

How do I get started on an RFP system?

Each RFP submission and review application varies depending on your needs. To get started, tell us about your goals. We will help you meet them by developing a tool that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.

Please note: You will need an active Mednet login to access the system.

Request Service

After a preliminary conversation, we will schedule a meeting to dig deep into your requirements, including:

  • Submission window
  • Submission requirements
  • Submission audience
  • Reviewers
  • Reviewing requirements

After we build out your RFP system, we will hold follow-up sessions to ensure all your requirements are met. During these sessions, we’ll catch and fill any holes in your system.


    Software Development Team

    Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL)

    Building software solutions customized to needs

    When creating solutions, we strive to find the magic spot where our clients’ budget, requirements, and expectations intersect. We specialize in finding the most efficient way to address needs that have gone without viable solutions for years.

    We strive to advance change in software development, particularly in the mobile world.

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    Service frequently asked questions 

    What happens when my project is complete?


    We host, manage, and support anything we build, and we will always be available to help you solve technical issues or extend your project.

    • Hosting - We provide safe and secure hosting for your system, so you can start using it immediately without worrying about where it lives.
    • Training - If your project merits the need, we will build an in-depth training plan into your scope of work.
    • Support - We provide system administration, backups, and monitoring.

    This level of support requires approximately two hours per month and carries a charge of $86 an hour.

    How do I use the RFP system?


    We supply you with a website featuring an easy-to-use interface that allows:

    • You to submit your RFP.
    • Submitters to complete a form and add supplemental documentation.
    • Reviewers to log in and score the applications.