Email: Setup, security, and calendaring

Also appears as Mednet Email

What is email setup, security and calendaring?

Our email services include a Mednet email address, web-based email access, spam protection, and a Mednet username for accessing your Mednet mailbox. To view a comprehensive list of the email services you may enjoy as a member of our community, please see the ISS page on Email/O365.

Access type:

  • Log in with Mednet username
  • Fully subsidized
You don’t have to do a thing.
Your department authorizer will provide you with a Mednet email address and username you need to access your mailbox.


Incoming emails from external addresses are scanned and scored for risk of spam. Suspected spam emails are quarantined. If this happens, you will receive a notification and have the chance to review your messages.

For more information about our safeguards, including tips on avoiding and reporting spam, please visit the ISS page on spam.


Phishing emails disguise themselves as known entities to entice recipients to click on links or provide personal information. Many phishing attempts are sophisticated enough to get past computerized scanners. That’s where you come in.

To better protect yourself and our network, please review these ISS tips on avoiding phishing attacks.


Security team 

Safeguarding data to support important work

We work in collaboration with Information Services and Solutions (ISS) to maintain the highest level of IT security. Our technology and expertise keep data secure and systems and networks operational.

Adhering to industry standards, university-wide policies, and government regulations, we work proactively to avoid breaches by reducing the risk of compromise to institutional data, systems, and networks.

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Service frequently asked questions

Who has access to email services?


Staff and faculty from UCLA Health Sciences community have, or will have, access to our complimentary email services.

What email calendaring features may I access?


Powered by Outlook, your Mednet email includes a variety of calendaring features you can use to organize your work, set up meetings, and share schedules.

Do we have an organizational email policy?


We do. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our email policies and guidelines.