Research profiles

Also appears as Personnel database

What are the researcher profiles?

DGIT's research profiles database includes over 8,000 faculty, staff, and personnel profiles of the David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA-affiliated communities.

Using DGIT’s research profiles database, the UCLA community can leverage existing profiles, create new entries, and easily edit information for their group. Individual users can easily update (or have a staff member update) their personnel information.

Departments, centers, groups, and research programs can request a presentation layer to conveniently display their members. By adding a presentation layer to the database, we can display the same information across multiple websites. An update to one website updates all.

Access type:

  • On Request
  • Fee-based
    • There is no cost to skin a site or set up a simple profile.
    • We are also happy to customize the database and functionality. (Fees based on group needs.)
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How do I request a profile site for my existing website?

A profile site is available to any group, department, or center with a large number of faculty, staff, and members.

The profile site makes it easy and convenient to display, search, and update information.

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How do I create an individual profile?

If you would like to create a new individual profile, please send us an email at

To make setup as fast as possible, please have the following information on hand:

  • Your 9-digit university ID number
  • A profile picture
  • A biography paragraph
  • A C.V. or recent biosketch

We'll set up your profile and provide instructions for adding and updating information.

How do I create an individual profile?

DGIT staff maintains and operates the database and provides update access to users.

Profile owners will be given administrative access to edit member information for their groups.

Individuals may log in with their email address and 9-digit university ID and update their own information.Any saved changes are automatically updated and reflected everywhere the profile appears.


What do the research profiles look like?

Our Software Development Team is happy to create a template layer (also called a “skin”) for the database. This allows faculty, staff, and member profiles to align with the look, feel, and navigation of an existing website.

Take a look at the examples below to get a better idea of what your faculty profile might look like. The information appearing in each profile was pulled from the same database, but our skins and field selections give each page a different look. The first two examples showcase how we can skin one person’s database information to suite two different websites.

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Service frequently asked questions

How does it work?


Users update information in our central database. A presentation layer is added over the database to match the user’s website(s). The information will be displayed in a convenient and consistent manner, even though the presentation layer varies per site.

When a change is made to a profile in the database, that profile is automatically updated everywhere it appears. For example, a faculty member with three different institutional profiles may simply add a new publication to the database. When the database is updated, the new publication will automatically populate on all three separate institutional profiles.

What information can I include in the profile?


A: Your research profile can include as little (or as much) information as you wish. Our pick-and-choose fields make it easy to highlight the information you want.

Here are just a few examples of the fields available in the database:

  • Biography paragraph
  • Email addresses
  • Biography page
  • Websites (or other important URLs)
  • Keywords
  • Phone numbers
  • Photo
  • Degrees, certifications, awards, honors, and affiliations
  • Addresses
  • Publications
What entries does the database include?


Of the 8,000 profiles, there are 6,000 employees, 2,500 faculty members, and 68,500 publications listed.