Lab website self-service portal

Also appears as Websites for labs

How will a lab website benefit my work?

Our self-service lab websites make it easy to share the story of your research and breakthroughs with collaborators and potential funders.

The Lab Website Self-Service Portal allows users with little or no web design experience to create and maintain a clean, functional lab website. You may design the website to your specifications and control how people perceive your work, contact you, and more.

Our Software Development team also called the Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL), guides David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) researchers in developing and using the lab websites. We set up users with access to a secure, flexible, and intuitive content management system (CMS) and provide training if desired.

Access type:

  • Self-service and staff-provided
  • On request
  • Fully subsidized
    • Researchers may use our lab website self-service portal for free.
    • We also create and support fully customized websites at a fee-based rate dependent on group needs.

Request service

Get started on your lab website

  • To access our self-service lab website portal or ask about our customized offerings, simply create a service request ticket with Lab Website Self-Service Portal in the Short Description field. A member of the Software Development Team will reach out to discuss your needs.
  • Please note: You will need an active UCLA Logon ID to access the portal.

What happens when my website is complete?

  • We host, manage and support what we build for you, and we will always be present as a resource and partner to help you solve problems or expand your project.
  • Hosting – We provide safe and secure hosting for your website, so you can start using it immediately without worrying about where it lives.
  • Training – If your project merits the need, we will build an in-depth training plan into your scope of work.
  • Support – We provide system administration, backups, and monitoring.

Research Lab Website Use Cases

Using our attractive UCLA-branded templates and user-friendly CMS (accessible via UCLA Logon ID), you can easily display your content in a way that aligns with the UCLA brand. Our templates use responsive design, so your visitors will enjoy an optimal browsing experience on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers.

Please see the examples below to explore what kind of lab website you might create. You may also browse our available themes.

Demer-Tintut Laboratory

*Themes were approved by committee.

Tintut-Lab website

Researchers at the Demer-Tintut Laboratory used our lab website self-service portal for outreach activities, including:

  • Highlighting research
  • Linking to publications
  • Providing contact information

"We were extremely pleased with the process of setting up our lab website. The Software Development Team was responsive, accommodating, and fast!" - Linda L. Demer M.D. Ph.D, Professor, Department of Bioengineering


Tarling-Vallim Lab
*Themes were approved by committee.

Vallim Lab website

Researchers at the Tarling-Vallim Laboratory used our lab website self-service portal to enhance mission-critical functions, including:

  • Highlighting research
  • Posting team biographies
  • Promoting events and news

"I really enjoyed working with the Software Development Team! They went above and beyond to make the DGIT website system compatible with a custom piece of code we needed to create our website." - Guillaume Calmettes, Ph.D, Research Scientist


Software Development Team

Building software solutions customized to needs

Previously: Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL)

When creating solutions, we strive to find the magic spot where our clients’ budget, requirements, and expectations intersect. We specialize in finding the most efficient way to address needs that have gone without viable solutions for years.

We strive to advance change in software development, particularly in the mobile world.

Meet the team