Web and mobile application development

Also appears as Mobile application development

How can I benefit from a web or mobile application?

Our customizable web and mobile applications add efficiency and precision to your work—whether you wish to simplify a complex process or overcome a data-collection challenge.

DGIT’s Software Development Team will listen carefully to your requirements and use their technological expertise to engineer applications that turn goals into realities. Over the years, the team has designed a variety of result-driven tools, from an online system to manage grant proposals to an iPhone application that helps hearing-impaired parents interpret infant speech sounds.

Access type:

  • Staff provided
  • On request
  • Fee-based, dependent on the group's needs.


Ask a question: 310-267-CARE

How do I get started on a mobile or web application?
Tell us about your goals, and we will help you meet them by developing an application that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.
After a preliminary conversation, we will schedule a meeting to:
  • Dig deep into your goals
  • Determine a potential solution
  • Discuss the overall scope of your project
  • Then we will prepare a scope of work that outlines your project in detail, including costs

What happens when my project is complete? We host, manage, and support anything we build, and we will always be available to help solve technical issues and extend your project; we even offer training to help you enjoy all your application’s benefits.

  • Hosting –We provide safe and secure hosting for your application, so you can start using it immediately without worrying about where it lives.
  • Training –If your project merits the need, we will build an in-depth training plan into your scope of work.
  • Support –We provide system administration, backups, and monitoring. This level of support is fee-based and will be discussed in discovery conversations with your group.

Web and Database Applications

Featuring interactive capabilities, such as portals and forms, web applications perform a range of detailed functions. Our applications help users track procurement processes, manage workflow, and more.

DGSOM Procurement Portal

Outside Activity Tracking System (OATS)

The David Geffen School of Medicine Procurement Portal allows faculty, staff, and students to create and manage purchasing requests.

The University of California Outside Activity Tracking System (OATS) is a web application through which faculty members report outside activities and income. 

Our HIPAA-compliant, scalable database applications help researchers collect and organize data. We provide applications for data sets of all sizes, and we can keep your data safe and secure for extended periods of time.

UCLA Urology Questionnaire Portal Diversity Program Consortium
The UCLA Urology Questionnaire Portal provides patients with online questionnaires and gives health care providers tools to collect and process reports to enable research, perform clinical trials, and improve patient care. The Diversity Program Consortium seeks to promote diversity in the biomedical research workforce. The Diversity Tracker application collects and analyzes data across multiple institutions, while the Diversity Intranet provides communication and collaboration tools to the community.



Mobile Applications

Mobile applications bring flexibility to data collection and user interactions, allowing you to collect crucial information in real time and quickly generate insights.

BestAid TimeOut
BestAid is a mobile application to assist researchers with understanding the adoption rate and frequency of use of magnifing devices for reading in low vision patients. This application pairs with a small bluetooth beacon that track the use of a magnifying glass. Timeout is a website and mobile application that pairs student volunteers with seniors for day-specific activities. The application assists coordinators with the assignment and tracking of tasks associated with the assigned activities.
ChatterBaby A-List
Designed in collaboration with hearing-impaired parents, ChatterBaby is a mobile application that helps parents determine if and why their baby is crying. UCLA A-List is a website and mobile application that allows the tracking of event attendance through an iPad or iPhone.

Software Development Team

Building software solutions customized to needs

Previously: Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL)

When creating solutions, we strive to find the magic spot where our clients’ budget, requirements, and expectations intersect.

We specialize in finding the most efficient way to address needs that have gone without viable solutions for years.


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