Software development


What is software development?

Software solutions streamline processes and make complex recurring functions easier to manage.

DGIT’s Software Development team also called the Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL), has the tools, experience, and expertise to develop software aligned to any goal of the UCLA community. Dedicated to collaboration, the team will listen carefully to your requirements and work with you from start to finish to engineer a solution.

Access type:

  • Staff provided
  • On request
  • Fee-based, dependent on the group's needs.
How do I use your software development services? 
Tell us about your goals, and we will help you meet them by developing software that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.
After a preliminary conversation, we will schedule a meeting to:
  • Dig deep into your goals
  • Determine a potential solution
  • Discuss the overall scope of your project
  • Then we will prepare a scope of work that outlines your project in detail, including costs

What happens when my project is complete?

We host, manage, and support anything we build, and we will always be available to help you extend your project and solve technical issues.

  • Hosting - We provide safe and secure hosting for any software-powered system, so you can start using it immediately without worrying about where it lives.

  • Training - If your project merits the need, we will build an in-depth training plan into your scope of work.

  • Support - We provide system administration, backups, and monitoring. This level of support requires approximately two hours per month and carries a charge of $86 an hour.

If you are interested in hosting an existing application, database, or website that the Software Development Team did not build, please visit our Server Hosting page.


Case Study: Outside Activity Tracking System (OATS)

To avoid potential conflicts of commitment, University of California faculty members need a way to evaluate outside professional activities before they engage in them. That need led us to develop software to power an online UC Outside Activity Tracking System (UC-OATS).

The user-friendly, web-based tool allows faculty members to log in and track outside activities and income in a secure, standardized environment. We powered the system with smart software that leads users through a question-based interface.

Users input their answers, and the system processes them and finds the related guidelines. Cross-referencing the input to the guidelines, the system then determines if the activity requires pre-approval and even automates the approval process.


Software development team portfolio - UC Oats

Software Development Team

Building software solutions customized to needs

AKA: Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL)

When creating solutions, we strive to find the magic spot where our clients’ budget, requirements, and expectations intersect.

We specialize in finding the most efficient way to address needs that have gone without viable solutions for years.


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Service frequently asked questions

How much does software cost?


The overall cost of our software solutions varies per project.

DGIT charges the following rates for software development:

  • $86 an hour for anyone in our UCLA community
  • $132 an hour for customers without a UCLA affiliation
What if I need support on existing software?


To get help with existing DGIT-designed software, please create an incident ticket. A technician will respond as soon as possible!