Database development

Also appears as Customized databases

How can I benefit from a custom database?

DGIT’s customized databases support a variety of needs that off-the-shelf solutions simply cannot meet.

Leveraging years of database-development experience, our Software Development Team engineers databases with web or mobile app front end. These database-backed applications are designed to your precise specifications.

We also provide tools for quick and efficient access to the information you need to manage your database.

Access type:

  • Fee-based, dependent on group needs
  • Staff-provided
  • On request


Ask a question: 310-267-CARE

How can I get started on a database?

Tell us about your data, and we will determine a structure that supports your work and aligns with your budget.

To get started, simply create a service request ticket. 


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After a preliminary conversation, we will schedule a meeting to:

  • Dig deep into your goals
  • Determine a potential solution
  • Discuss the overall scope of your project
  • Then we will prepare a scope of work that outlines your project in detail, including costs.

What happens when my database is complete?

We host, manage and support anything we build, and we will always be available to help you extend your project and solve technical issues.

  • Hosting - We provide safe and secure hosting for your database, so you can start using it immediately without worrying about where it lives.
  • Training - If your project merits the need, we will build an in-depth training plan into your scope of work.
  • Support - We are happy to help you manage your database. This level of support is fee-based and will be discussed in discovery conversations with your group.

More information to come!

In the interim, the team would be happy to walk you through use-cases of database development that might serve your needs.

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Software Development Team

Building software solutions customized to needs

Previously: Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL)

When creating solutions, we strive to find the magic spot where our clients’ budget, requirements, and expectations intersect.

We specialize in finding the most efficient way to address needs that have gone without viable solutions for years.


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Service frequently asked questions

Why do I need a database?


Our database development service is a good fit if you have data and want a place for storage and access. We also offer solutions to help you collect data. Visit our Web and Mobile Application Development page to learn more.

  • If you have a great deal of data to manage and access, then you probably need a database. You worked hard collecting data, and our specialized databases help keep findings organized and accessible, saving you time and stress. Using our databases, you can put your information to work.
What are the benefits of using a DGIT database?


Here at DGIT, we know the needs of our community inside and out. That knowledge allows us to cater our solutions and give you just what you need.

  • Our databases:
    • Adhere to intuitive structures
    • Maintain referential integrity
    • Support multiple users
    • Include layers of complexity
    • Keep data safe during a crash
    • In short, our systems avoid the limitations of ad hoc database development.