Event management via Localist

Also appears as Localist, Calendar of events

What is Localist event management?

Localist is an interactive calendar platform that helps you get more involved in the UCLA Health Sciences (UCLAHS) community.

The easy-to-use interface incorporates features you know and love from Facebook events, Eventbrite, and Meetup. Simply browse the unified UCLAHS calendar to find events that spark your interest, or host and share your own events.

Access type:

  • Log In with Mednet username
  • Free
  • Self-Service




How do I access Localist?

  1. Visit https://events.medschool.ucla.edu/
  2. Browse events as a guest


  1. Log in using your Mednet username to create events, send messages, post photos, and enjoy other interactive features.

How do I use Localist?

Localist (the system powering the platform) has an extensive knowledge base you can browse for more information and tips.

How do I manage permissions and roles?

In the calendar platform, administrators can manually control permissions per user, regulating who can submit and approve events, manage calendars, and more.


Frequently Used Administrator Roles

Localist administrator roles




Robust features help you find events catered to your interests, interact with friends, and manage details for events you're planning and attending—all in one place.

Browse events by…


  • Type
  • Target Audience
  • Topic
  • Department/Group
  • Locations

Manage event details by…

  • Personalizing your calendar
  • Curating an event feed
  • Following people, places, and groups
  • Building a profile with plans and activities

Socialize by…

  • Inviting friends to events
  • Sending messages
  • Uploading event photos
  • Adding comments and reviews

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