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What is Box?

Box offers unlimited HIPAA-compliant data storage that is free and easy to use. The intuitive cloud-based tool provides secure, 24/7 access to files from any location, on any device. 

Access type:

  • Self-Service
  • Log In with Mednet username
  • Fully subsidized


How do I access Box?

  • Visit the UCLA Health Box page
  • Log in using your Mednet AD credentials
  • Complete the UCLAH Box100 course to gain sharing permissions. Once the course is complete, you will receive Box share permission within 1 business day.

Box Training

Box provides on-demand training, documentation, and live training opportunities at Box University.

To access Box University: 

  1. Go to Box University.
  2. Select 'Login with Box'.
  3. Select 'Use Single Sign On (SSO)' and then enter your Mednet email address.
  4. Sign in with your Mednet AD credentials.

Box Courses

Box Basics     Box User Courses  

Browse these training materials to learn how to use Box: 

Box Tips 

  • Off-Campus Access. Increase the flexibility of your Box experience by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA), which allows you to access Box when you’re away from the Mednet network. Share Box files from any location, using any device connected to the internet. Learn about MFA →
  • Mobile Editing. Enjoy uninterrupted workflow using the Box mobile application (PDF). Be sure to use the UCLA App Catalog to get the Intelligent Hub-ready version of the app, Box for EMM. Get the app →



Box Features for UCLA Health

We invite you to enjoy all the rich features Box has to offer. Please remember that Box activities must adhere to all UCLA Health Sciences policies and HIPAA regulations regarding viewing and sharing protected health information (PHI) and restricted information (RI).

Box Drive

Box Drive allows you to work with all of your cloud files directly from your desktop.

  • View all your Box folders and documents right from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
  • Select files to work offline and your files will save automatically when you reconnect to the internet
  • Share your files right from your desktop and start working collaboratively

Download Box Drive →

Box Notes

Take notes online, plan workflows, and communicate with colleagues in real time. Learn More →

Office 365 Integration

Edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files directly in Box. Save changes online (no downloads necessary), and edit files at the same time as your colleagues.

Visit Box Storage for UCLA Health to view presentations on Office 365 features.

File Sharing

Invite collaborators and assign access levels, including editor, viewer, and uploader. You may also send a download-only link to Mednet users.

View a tip sheet for permission levels →

Box Sync

Edit files on one computer that will automatically sync on any other device you use to access Box. To get started, look for the Box Sync icon on your computer’s main navigation folder.

Call 7-Care at 310-267-CARE (x7-2273) if you don’t see the icon or need help using Box Sync.

Version History

View all versions of your files, and revert if needed.


Add “@” before a colleague’s name to trigger an alert email with a direct link to the file.

Access Stats

See who did what to your files, and when.


Client Services team

Supporting user needs and goals

Our support comes in many forms, from simple in-person device troubleshooting at IT Connect to advanced on-demand support from our expert desktop technicians.

Simply tell us about your needs, and we’ll do everything we can to satisfy them.

Meet the team


Service frequently asked questions

Can I continue to share files using shared links?

Only within Mednet. External "shared links"* will not be permitted for UCLA Health Sciences Box content because anyone with the URL has access to that content, and it is, therefore, not possible to restrict access. However, collaborating via shared folders is permitted** because users are able to restrict and track access.

*Specific URLs created using the "People with the Link: Anyone with the link can view this folder and download its contents" option.

**All users must complete the Box 100 training course before external collaboration settings will be enabled.


What happens if I delete a file?

Deleted files can be recovered from your trash can. If you have accidentally purged your trash can, you have up to 10 days to contact the help desk for file recovery.


What happens to my Box files after I leave UCLA?

Access to your Box account will be canceled when you terminate your association with UCLA. All data within the account will remain intact until it is permanently deleted. Once an account has been permanently deleted, it cannot be restored.


Can I share files with external collaborators? 

If you plan on sharing files with external collaborators (users without Mednet emails), you will need to complete the Box 100 training course to ensure HIPAA compliance. External collaboration settings will be enabled after you complete the course. 

Take the course →