Productivity and collaboration


A-List event participation tracking

Take attendance and find out who participates.

  • Understand attendee preferences
  • Get insights for future events 
  • Identify your most engaged attendees


Share, store, and edit files in the cloud.

  • Enjoy unlimited, HIPAA-compliant data storage
  • Access files from any location, on any device
  • Integrate with Office 365

Event management via Localist

Find and promote community events on a user-friendly interface. 

  • Browse a comprehensive calendar 
  • Host and share your own events
  • Manage your group's presence with robust administrator features 

HIPAA-compliant file transfer

Safely share files that are too big for email. 

  • Share files while maintaining HIPAA compliance 
  • Make rapid transfers 24/7

Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA)

This agreement allows DGSOM employees to install Microsoft software on devices purchased with institutional funds.

  • Access Microsoft tools
  • Install the software on multiple devices 

Room reservation

Request a room reservation online.  

  • Quickly request room and event services using a single form 
  • Browse available rooms across the medical campus 

Web conferencing

Collaborate with colleagues from any location and enjoy the same quality connections of face-to-face meetings.

  • Meet remotely 
  • Enterprise solution: Zoom

Collaboration tools

Whether it's sharing files or sharing screens, we want to help you be more productive in your day-to-day work and in all touch points.