Audiovisual (AV) design and consulting


How can I benefit from AV design and consulting?

Our expert Audiovisual Services Team can recommend the tools you need to best connect with your audience, whether you wish to make your classes more engaging or host a memorable fundraising event. We simply make sure your messages benefit from cutting-edge AV technology.

Access type:

  • Fully subsidized 
  • On request
  • Staff provided

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We would love to connect with you to build out a solution to fit your needs. Simply submit a service request, and our expert team will be in touch to figure out the next steps.
Explore the Power of AV Design and Consulting

The Teaching Lab at DGSOM’s Geffen Hall

Each table features a touch panel control system, a desktop PC, two high-definition displays, seven laptop inputs, directional speakers, and discussion microphones. Students and faculty may use the stations for individual learning or collaboration. Plus, each table includes embedded speakers that allow crystal-clear, simultaneous listening among multiple students.




The UCLA Simulation Center 

The Simulation Center requires complex AV outfitting to emulate an authentic patient care facility. Supporting flawless system communication, the center features a central AV network that includes an intricate array of servers, cameras, screens, and matrices that route analog and digital signals.

Audiovisual team 

Communicate and connect

We provide audiovisual, event, and media production services to help our clients communicate and connect with audiences.

Our team has enhanced medical education by equipping spaces, such as the Geffen Hall’s Teaching Lab, with hand-selected AV technology. We’ve helped clients bring their stories to life with custom video production. We’ve recorded and streamed town halls to help key messages resonate beyond live audiences.

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Service frequently asked questions

In what spaces can I get your AV design and consulting services?


We provide services for conference rooms, lecture halls, and learning spaces across the UCLA medical campus.

What specific services do you offer?


Our design and consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • System design and project management, an end-to-end service that starts with your specific ideas and ends with a space designed to your specifications.
  • System programming, including programming of existing AV systems as well as new systems.
  • GUI (graphical user interface) software development, which provides access to a tool that enables users to operate the AV system.